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Come join us for an adventure of a lifetime. Float across the beautiful Alabama countryside aboard "Jubilee" or "Heaven Bound"

  • Flights begin about dawn and a couple of hours before sunset. The balloon can be maneuvered from thousands of feet aloft to within just inches of the treetops or a  lake.
    Your FAA Certified Pilot will maneuver the balloon into appropriate air currents to guide the course of your flight.
    As you're sailing aloft, our experienced chase crew will track the balloon to its eventual landing site.
  • After landing, enjoy a champagne (non-alcoholic) toast and a light picnic, and receive a small souvenir, a flight certificate, and picture of the balloon to commemorate your aeronautical adventure. Bring your camera and make sure your phone is charged for all the pictures.
  • Weather is an EXTREMELY BIG factor in ballooning. We need to have fair weather and very light winds. That is why we fly only early in the morning or later in the afternoon. We have strict rules concerning the weather conditions in which we will fly- this is for your safety. If we schedule you for a specific date and time and the weather isn't perfect, we simply reschedule you for the next available slot. I WILL NOT TAKE CHANCES. Sometimes you get lucky and get to fly the very first attempt, but sometimes it takes a few tries. You may have to be patient and flexible.
  • You must advise our staff of any medical problem you might have (e.g. back, hip, etc.). We will not allow pregnant women to participate in the flight until after delivery.
    • The total adventure lasts approximately three and a half hours. The actual flight time is about an hour (between 45min and one and a half hours). The vast majority of our flights are on Saturday mornings, Saturday afternoon/evenings, and Sunday afternoon/evenings. We meet for morning flights about sunrise for that day, and we meet for afternoon flights about 3 hours before sunset. We will sometimes fly Sunday mornings and Fridays but not as much as other weekend times. We shut operations down at the end of November and start flying again when the "roar of spring" is over, which is usually the middle to end of May. Occasionally, we can fly in April, but typically, it is still not good flying weather.
  • Price for a balloon ride is $250 per person ($265 by Credit Card via PayPal on this web page below). $150 for children 12 and under accompanied by a paying adult ($160 by Credit Card).
    This is for a shared basket, meaning there may be others flying with you. We can carry up to four passengers depending on the size of each passenger. We can sometimes take five if most all of the passengers are very small or there are smaller kids in the mix.
  • $950 for EXCLUSIVE ride for two or three. You will be the only two or three in the basket. ($990 by Credit Card via PayPal on this web page below). Exclusive means no one outside of your party of 2 or 3 will fly with you.

    • Give a balloon ride as a birthday or anniversary gift, or simply to fulfill that bucket list dream...
    • Our balloon is available for rides, private parties, promotions, engagements, and instruction.
    We offer Tethered balloon rides as well for your special event. Tethered rides are when you tie the balloon down and give quick rides up and down. Email for pricing and availability.
      Please note that almost all balloon flights are flown just north of the Huntsville/Madison, Alabama area.(Monrovia, Toney, Harvest, Meridianville)
    • Gift certificates available, purchase now with PayPal on the web (PayPal accepts all major credit cards and checks).
    • Please note that most balloon flights are flown in and around the Huntsville, Alabama area. 
    • Gift Certificates are good for TWO years from original date of purchase. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR GIFT CERTIFICATES AFTER 30 DAYS FROM ORIGINAL PURCHASE. They can, however, be transfered or sold.
    • Gift Certificate for Hot Air Balloon Ride for ONE - $265 -
    • Gift Certificate for Hot Air Balloon Ride for TWO - $525 - 
    • Gift Certificate for Hot Air Balloon Ride for THREE - $785- 
    • Gift Certificate for Hot Air Balloon Ride for FOUR - $1050- 
      Children MUST be accompanied by at least one paying adult.

    • Gift Certificate for Hot Air Balloon Ride for ONE CHILD 12 and under - $160-
    • Gift Certificate for Hot Air Balloon Ride for TWO CHILDREN 12 and under - $320
    • Gift Certificate for Hot Air Balloon EXCLUSIVE Ride for TWO or Three - $990-
    • Add a T-Shirt - $20 (includes shipping)-
      Pictures from Decatur, Alabama's annual balloon "ALABAMA JUBILEE"

      Assorted Balloon Pictures we have taken...

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